Always Remember
Your body is your temple, taking care of your skin is priority #1
  • Waxing - Avoid having any facial waxing within 5 days of your event, please ensure it’s done at least a week before as freshly waxed faces find it hard to hold makeup especially in our humidity (we are obsessed with knowing our climate) But make sure your waxing gets done, with time for your skin to spring back!!!!!
  • Exfoliate - The day before your event (a great time to also use a mask you have tried before, not ones you haven’t and aren’t aware of any new reactions your skin may have) Stick to what you know and trust that works for your skin type and the climate.
  • Allergies - Inform us of any allergies prior
  • New products - Avoid using any new facial products leading up to your event – we cannot stress this enough!
  • Touch Ups at your event - please be sure you bring a powder that matches your foundation, application brush & event lipstick of your choice. Our make-up artist can provide you with these items to purchase on the day, if needed.
Giving you the best result

To give you the best results on your day, skin care can be as simple as washing, toning and moisturising your face every day for two weeks leading up to your event. The best tip ever is to hydrate, drink lots of water every day, for a week before your big day. Good skin care doesn’t have to be expensive, just consistent.

Preparation of your tanning is done by Carmel first starts with a prep spray with PH that balances your skin acidity, so when the tan is applied it takes evenly to every part of your body. Then we spray your tanning solution which has a wash off time of two hours. Perfect for our tropical climate. We than finish your tan off with a lock-in spray, which has a waterproof like affect, for just in case moments whilst your tan is drying for the first two hours! No, you can’t go swimming!!!!

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You are worth it, make it count. Call the right people for the job.

Carmel and her team are dedicated to pampering all their clients in a relaxed atmosphere of your chosen accommodation. As a mobile service, they come to you, knowing time is of the essence on your special day, whether it be the wedding of your dreams, your graduation, formal, a photo shoot, social outings or corporate events, Carmel and her team have your best interests at heart.





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